Automatic air vent. With manual pin for functionality check.

The Barberi® automatic air vents allow to remove air from the installations without manual operations. They are normally installed in heating systems, central heating rooms, heating generators (wall-mounted boilers, solid fuel generators, heat pumps). Thanks to the air removal they allow a longer system life without component oxidation, a higher thermal efficiency, a better working and safety of pumps. For a better air removal, the valves must be installed in the upper parts of the systems and in all areas where there is a risk of air bubble forming (reverse syphons, manifolds, storages, boilers).

Working temperature range (peaks): -20 (no frost)–110 °C

Working temperature range: 0 (no frost)–95 °C

Max working pressure: 10 bar

Suitable fluids: water for thermal systems, glycol solutions (max 30%)

Connections: threaded connections ISO 228-1

Y47010000LG 3/8 M10100
Y47015000LG 1/2 M10100
Y47020000LG 3/4 M10100
Y47025000LG 1 M10100
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