Vertical manual deaerator

Barberi® vertical manual deaerator is used to release air from the systems. It is normally used in heating systems and forced circulation thermal solar systems. Its function is to help discharging air from pipes to allow a correct working of pumps, to avoid presence of oxygen dangerous for the system and increase the thermal exchange efficiency of the thermal fluid.

Max working temperature: 140 ┬░C

Max working pressure: 10 bar

Flow coefficient: Kv 6,5

Threaded connections:
ISO 228-1
compression ends EN 1254-2

Suitable fluids: water for thermic systems, glycol solutions (max 50%)

P71020000G 1 M - G 3/4 F128
P71020000MG 1 M - G 3/4 M128
P71022000G 1 M - 22 mm128
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