Manual air vent with PTFE seal - nickel plated

The Barberi® manual air vents allow the air removal from systems through manual operations. They are usually installed in heating systems (on heating emitters and manifolds), in heat generators (wall-mounted boilers, solid fuel generators, heat pumps). Thanks to the air removal, they are allowed a longer system life, avoiding corrosion due to component oxidation, a higher thermal efficiency of heating emitters, a better working and safety for pumps. For a better air removal, the valves must be installed on the upper parts of the systems and in all the areas where there is a risk of air remaining trapped (reverse siphons, distribution manifolds, cylinders, boilers). The peculiarity of this vent is the presence of the knob for manual operations.

Working temperature range: 0 (no frost)–95 °C

Max pressure (structural): 6 bar

Fully open length: 32 mm

Fully closed length: 28 mm

Suitable fluids: water for thermal systems, glycol solutions (max 30%)

Threaded connections: ISO 228-1

05B008N03G 1/4 M10200
05B010N03G 3/8 M10200