Spare actuator for V55 diverting valves, rotation angle 90°, 2 point type, on/off regulation. Complete with blocking screw, val

M03.21 actuator is a device used to operate the V55 rotary diverting valves. With 2 point (on/off) control and 90° rotation angle. The actuator can be manually used by pushing the knob thus unlocking the transmission gear. The article is supplied with integrated cable, anti-rotation pin, mixing valve adaptor and auxiliary microswitch.

Running time: 22 s

Rotation angle: 90°

Torque: 6 N·m

Supply: 230 Vac

Frequency: 50–60 Hz

Power consumption: 5 VA

Type of control: 2 points

Nr. of poles: 4, stapled ends

Cable length: 1 m

Protection class: IP 44

Electrical protection: class II

Stocking temperature: -10–50 °C

Working temperature: -5–50 °C

Humidity range: 5–95%

Certification: CE

CODICE_ARTICOLOVrunningTime [s]N° polescableNPSNPC
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